About Us

We are in a Visual Age

Finding talent for your position is hard. What’s harder is training a new employee an suddenly quit on you. They claim the position isn’t at all what they expected.

While there are many reasons for a new hire to quit. At Reel industry, we discovered that job descriptions today are too repetitive and thus gives a false perception of what applicants are expected to do upon hire. This may potentially lead companies to hire applicant who may not understand their duties.

Having both of us been placed in both similar situation as training a new employee, to quitting a job that we just got hired for.

It is our mission is to help companies receive applicants that are more knowledgeable of the position. We want to eliminate any confusion from the applicants perspective, and help companies grow with the right employees.

Kerwin Alvero
Founder, Kerwin Alvero. B.A. in Enterprise Leadership from the University of Iowa.

Fredrick Bautista
Co-founder, Fredrick Bautista. Film & Media Production, Loyola University of Chicago